The French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) is a major research organisation working in the best interests of the French State, its economy and citizens. Thanks to its strong roots in fundamental research, it is able to provide tangible solutions to meet their needs in four key fields: Low-carbon energy (nuclear and renewable), digital technology, technology for medicine of the future, defence and national security.


CEA is the coordinating institution of BatteReverse. They lead WP8 Project coordination, Work package WP5 – RUL assessment of battery modules for 2nd life, as well as Task 3.2 Initial assessment of the battery pack SoS and SoH.


Leandro Cassarino

Research Engineer

Yann Tanguy

Research Engineer

Nicolas Guillet

Research Engineer

Maxime Montaru

Research Engineer - Battery Management & Modelling

Marianne Chami

R&D Laboratory Manager