BatteReverse partners Piotr Grudzien (Bax & Company) and Rose Gregorio (EIT Urban Mobility) will lead a session entitled 'The "who is who" of EV battery reverse logistics: mapping end-of-life stakeholders' at the online Battery Pub event on 4 September 2023. The event will be an opportunity to learn who deals with end-of-life battery treatment in Europe and see how you can benefit from signing to the BatteReverse community.

  • Introduction to the BatteReverse project
  • Why we need to improve reverse logistics of EV batteries - challenges and opportunities
  • End-of-life stakeholders mapping - demonstration of the interactive tool
  • Mentimeter for the audience: which information important for battery treatment is not shared sufficiently between stakeholders?
  • Q&A and invitation to the Battereverse Community

Learn more about this event here.