Battery Pub is a bi-monthly online networking event that discusses topics related to energy storage. The goal is to support the energy transition community by bridging the gap between stakeholders, academia and industry.

BatteReverse partners Piotr Grudzien (Bax & Company) and Rose Gregorio (EIT Urban Mobility) led a breakout session at the Battery Pub’s September 2023 event entitled 'The "who is who" of EV battery reverse logistics: mapping end-of-life stakeholders'. They presented the main actors involved in dealing with the end-of-life of batteries, discussed the key challenges with participants, and explained how the BatteReverse project aims to address them. They also demonstrated how the BatteReverse stakeholder map and the community platform work and invited battery reverse logistics experts and enthusiasts to sign up and connect with community members.  

The video of the session is now available online and can be accessed below.